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Sticker shock

Got my 28ga back from the stock maker and he extended the stock so I can use it. Then ordered a new Mec 28ga loader. Stopped at sportsmans yesterday to get components and wow! Shot $49.99 a bag in a cheap plastic bag! win 209's $39.99 per 1000! Well I got a flat of 28ga Rem STS target loads for the cases, $11.99 per box. Field loads were over $18 per box. Figured it up when I got home and on field loads I will save just over $11 a box. Still reasonable 12 and 20 ga ammo there but 16's getting high too. So picked up my 16ga press from my son and brought it home too. Will save a bit over $5 a box.

They are doing their best to make reloading cheap again!

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