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Stealth Helicopter?

Anyone been following this story?  It's very interesting.  Gotta love the "Black Op's".



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I hadn't seen it yet but hen

I hadn't seen it yet but hen I just got home from work and pulled this up first. I find it interesting that every story since yesterday that I've seen keeps mentioning everyone as being unarmed as if a bunch of innocent people were attacked.

As far as I'm concerned the Seals did a great job as usual and have shown again that they don't have the reputation they have for nothing.

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Stealth Helicopter?

I thought something was up when the photos this week kept showing the compound, but no helicopter wreckage.  For some reason they weren't showing it.  Now we know why.

Interesting how these came out of Pakistan as congressmen started accusing them of turning a blind eye to Bin Laden and threatening to cut off aid payments.  The photos of three dead guys were an added slap on the heels of Obama refusing to release a photo of Bin Laden for fear of offending Muslim sensitivities.

The photos are evidence of Pakistan playing hard ball.  Here's the situation.  They have nukes.  They have radical Islamists.  They have access to Afghanistan's porous Eastern border, and without their support the bad guys can run across the border and evade us.  All of our overland logistics support (including fuel) for Afghanistan goes through Pakistan.  And now they have the tail section of an unacknowledged stealth helicopter...and it's a short truck ride to China.  Pakistan is now talking about reducing the US presence in their country.  They have us by the short hairs and are reminding us of that fact.  The anti-Pakistan rhetoric is already drying up quick, and you can bet the aid payments will stay on schedule.

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