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"State of Fear"
civetcat wrote:
I read the link rsumerall. They aren't disputing global warming, or that it will more than likely shrink snowpack in the NW. They think it might actually increase it localy. Indeed I'm hoping for higher overall averages of moisture where I live. Change doesn't always mean bad change. Some winners some losers.

Increased temperatures can mean more snow. One of the driest places I've ever been was all snow, it never came down just blew sideways.

I think the global warming debate is pretty much over. Sorry. Hard to argue with science.

My point about the study is the fact that they were wrong about snowfall which translates into no droughts. Also alot of the global warming folks like to only use the last 40 years to develop their trends and theorys, when in all actuallity there are highs and lows and gradual warming and cooling trends. And unfortuanately any scientist who argues with the climate change theorys are disowned and basically drug thru the streets. Its almost as bad as the medival times with the catholic church.

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"State of Fear"

The interpretation of scientific research always has been political, especially when it bumps up against "obvious" common knowledge. See Copernicus, Galileo, or Darwin.

As for global warming, I've spoke my peace in the past. Here's a thread from two years ago: