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You're a hoot, Pogo. Laugh Laugh

I've got teenagers that just love to jump on the computer if you leave a facebook account open. Single connection doesn't guarantee single user. Trolling can be quite a hobby for some people -- although most of them are more consistent than you.

Posing and false macho stuff? So if someone came into your home and threatened your family, is your philosophy to let them take what they want so they'll leave you alone, or is it to defend yourself? Don't bury your head in the sand and think it doesn't happen. I've been burglarized, and last weekend someone broke into my daughter's house and stole prescription pain killers. A few years ago a friend of mine walked into her apartment after work one evening and was assaulted by a man with a pair of scissors and brutally raped. I dated another girl in college that had a friend murdered in front of her by a jealous rival. Another woman I knew disappeared after work one night; her raped and beaten body was found weeks later in the woods. I have another friend whose husband was jumped by two guys outside a bar who threw him in the trunk, took him out of town, and beat him to death -- to include cutting his throat with a nail clipper. I also knew a guy who won a life and death struggle with a home invader that threatened his family -- he even took a .38 in the chest in the process. Don't tell me this kind of stuff doesn't happen.

I'm not talking about shooting people peeing in the dark, and you won't find anyone on here that would condone such a thing. I'm talking about an actual threat. If you had the ability to defend yourself or a family member, would you do it? "Hope" is not a plan of action, nor is denial. This isn't macho stuff -- there's nothing macho about shooting another human being, even if it was justified. This is survival, and in any defensive situation the person with a plan is light years ahead of the person who doesn't have one.

How about this -- put a big sign in front of your house saying, "Homeowner doesn't believe in posing and false macho stuff and won't resist if threatened." It's the same thing I challenge anti-gunners to do -- put a big sign in front of your house that says, "This is a gun free home."

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Hey Civetcat, I feel slighted. Why don't you respond to my post about you lying about the confederate flag in the picture? Oops.....guess you can't since the photo is right there for everyone to see. Too bad you didn't think about that before you lied.

If you lied about the flag, what else have you lied about?

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Snivilin wrote,

Out of all the gun owners I know almost none of them even hunt, I mean good grief.

Who cares? The second amendment isn't a right to hunt.

Also wrote,

Sure wouldn't mind a requirement for a gun safety course either.

Sounds reasonable until you consider that owning a gun is a right and we don't want government flunkies dolling out our rights by deciding who's competent and who isn't. A mandatory I.Q. test before being allowed to vote or operate a printing press might be a great idea until you consider that those are rights, not privileges. Having the very government those rights are supposed to protect us against regulating freedoms is a conflict of interest.

Not all gun owners are uneducated redneck hillbillies with poor dental hygiene that sit around drinking beer, beating their wives and hoping some poor minority will break into their trailer so they can shoot them. Such folks are happily a tiny minority. I should not have to explain that racial stereotyping is an ignorant thing of the past to an enlightened Obamabot such as yourself. Bigotry is ugly in whatever form it takes. Try and bear that in mind.

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