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Starting point

Salary of the US President. ..$400,000. Salary of retired US Presidents ...$180,000. Salary of House/Senate...$174, 000. Salary of Speaker of the House...$223,500... Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders... $193,400... Average Salary of Soldier DEPLOYED IN IRAQ $38,000... I think we found where the cuts should be made!

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Yep.  Soldiers are definately

Yep.  Soldiers are definately underpaid.  But, you still have to add in the medical care they get (at least on active duty), the housing, etc.  Still though, they should be getting way more.

Read the story of the most recent medal of honor winner.  I know I couldn't have done what he did.  It takes a special person to do that.

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Starting point

Not all of our troops get base housing.  As for those that don't, housing allowances are designed to come up a little short.  And as for medical care, the stories I could tell...there's a reason why most military people would oppose socialized medicine.

Military life isn't what most people think.  There's a whole lot of family separation for months at a time, while wives sit at home with the kids living in fear of that terrible knock at the door.  There's having to uproot your family and move across the country (or overseas) every couple years, and PCS allowances never seem to cover expenses of setting up new households and getting settled.  Pay off the debts from one move, and it's time to move again.

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Thankless jobs

Soldiers, Wildlands Firefighters, EMTs, Search and Rescue, Police, and Air Ambulance Pilots, are all jobs where the risks are high and the pay is low.  In fact some of the above mensioned jobs are shamefully low for the job they do, nearly at the poverty level.  I know first hand as I've worked a couple of these jobs before.  I think pay cuts need to start at the top from the president down through the local municipality civil leaders.  That would be a good start to reducing the national debt.

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The pay at the top doesn't

The pay at the top doesn't bother me that much since they are doing something that most do not want to do and usually they are all in a no win situation.  No matter what they do people hate them.  What does get me is their retirement.  I believe and I could be a little bit wrong but they receive full pay after their term or after they leave the congress not to mention their health insurance that they receive.  When I was working I would of loved to of been able to of written and voted into law what I was going to receive after I retired.   

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As a former soldier and vet of Desert Shield... we sign that blank check for "up to and including our life" and we get the shaft when it comes to pay and benefits, especially if soldiers are disabled.

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