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Starting the planning early

If you want to narrow down the harvest statistics really fast, you should try one of my maps that ranks each state's hunting units by harvest success and trophy potential. Plus you can easily compare the unit's statistics because when you click on the unit, a table of the most useful statistics pops up right on the map.

You could spend a whole weekend looking at the statistics tables on the state websites and still have only a vague idea of which hunting area is right for you. With my maps you can figure each state out in about 10 minutes.

Also, if you can't travel to scout the area you choose before you hunt it, I recommend spending some serious time on google earth and google maps. Print free satellite photos and topo maps. I have done a lot of research into the fastest ways to make quality FREE maps that are specific your exact area.
Google Earth Elk Scouting and Hunting Strategies There are also some good tips on finding public land and finding quality areas to hunt.

It's very simply, you should try it.


Sorry for the shameless plugs, but I strongly believe my products can save hunters valuable time and make them more successful hunters. Dang it, there i go again.

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Starting the planning early

I've been in Idaho a couple of times doing elk hunts, camping, then riding to locations and walking in to the areas. Their hunts are OTC and depending the hunt area bulls only, either or, and you can also hunt deer, mountain lion, or bear at the same time with an additional tag (either/ or with the one tag)

I'm going to try and attach some pictures of some of the areas I was in so you can get an idea of the terrain you can encounter. This was in the Clearwater region. Be prepared for some pretty STEEP hillsides!

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