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Starting Over

Hello All!
I'm a 55 year old married guy with three grandkids, who grew up above Caribou, Maine. That's WAY up there!! I moved away from there back in 1974 because I was too young to object at the time.
During those years of living there, I learned about survival in the woods, self-reliance, etc.. I was surrounded by hunters and their families who were farmers mostly.
Had I been there a year or two longer, I probably would have hunted, which was quite common for most of them. They harvested for food, not trophy.
Fast forward a bunch of years, and I have a wife and two small daughters (early 80's) and three rifles. I had maintained my relationship to friends in the northern woods, and had every intention of hunting up there, on one of my many visits back to that area.
Because the wife was nervous about having weapons in the house with small kids, I sold off my rifles, and put my hunting desire on hold.
Fast forward once again to 2012, and I have 3 grandkids, and a new 45-70. I'm back on track after all these years, to get out and hunt.
I have fired a weapon or two in my day (recreational at the firing range), so I am not devoid of understanding what recoil and accuracy are all about.
The plans are coming together for a hunt in Maine (way up there) with at least one of my childhood friends (a farmer, hunter, trapper) that I visit with at least annually.
I've signed up for, and received, a CT Conservation ID, and am actively checking the Hunter Safety Course availability on a regular basis on the State Of CT DEP site.
Once I have completed that course, I'll sign up for a CT Hunting License, (without the intention of using it THIS year), so that I get a Maine Hunting License NEXT year (they require, if I read the instructions right, that I have to show proof of a Hunting License from another State, for a previous season or current season).
Meanwhile, I'm off to the Firing Range to become "one" with my 45-70, and to get the Scope zero'd correctly. (Windage / Elevation).
Any suggestions, ideas, input for this 55 year old rookie, I not only welcome, but am very thankful for.
So far, I've bought the Flourescent Orange Vest, Ammo, Gun Strap, First Aid kit, backpack, cleaning kit, bore snakes, ammo box and lock, gun lock(s), Orange hat, fingerless gloves, Scope (Bushnell Trophy XLT which I have yet to mount on my weapon), a compass,binoculars, etc......
Having grown up in the Northern Maine woods, I know what Moose are like. I used to see them everywhere. They are stupid and can be aggressive; especially when you piss em off with a bullet!! I have a real respect for them, and am gearing myself toward the Moose as my first kill, because I love the meat. But I don't mind saying that I'm intimidated by them, up close. Even with my level of familiarity of the animal, I wouldn't want to be mauled by one that's ticked off!!

Here's an example you probably all have seen, of one very lucky guy (I'm not a bow hunter, like the guy in the video, but still):



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Well there S
First off welcome to the forum. Might find some better moose advice in the Moose thread farther down here. Sounds to me like you have the acutriments needed? That 45-70 is a real wheel weight tosser and should be gun enough. Just put in your time at the range so you are good with the gun, then go find Ol Bullwinkle!

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You are off to a GREAT start. You have the basics covered.
I took my moose with a 45-70 as well. Taking a moose is a great goal but keep in mind that getting a moose tag is by lottery. Some people apply for decades and do not get a moose permit. I have applied in Maine for 12 years without drawing a permit. I did draw one in Vermont after 4 years of trying - so there is hope! I have even heard of people getting a moose tag their first year - but don't plan on getting a moose tag in Maine as soon as you want one. White tail deer tags are availalable as part of the regular hunting license. So you should be able to hunt deer when you are ready.

A full power 45-70 load is more gun than you need for deer. Choose a light recoiling load to practice with. If you draw a moose tag you can always up the power with a premium hunting load but there is no reason to beat yourself up with recoil for white tail.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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