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Today, Valentine's Day, I am stopping by my local Starbucks to show my support of the stance they have taken in their nuetrality regarding the carrying of firearms in their establishments.

I'll open carry my Colt 1911 while doing so.

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I expected Starbucks to be very anti-gun and anti-hunting.  Just from knowing a couple of the higher-ups who work for them, sounds to me like a very left wing liberal corporation.  But that was just my opinion based on conversations. But if the are neutral on the subject then my hats off to them, that better than I would have expected based on my previous perception of them. 

I don't get why some of these private businesses put signs banning the carry of firearms on their property.  It's not illegal to do so in most circumstances (depending on the type of business), but being it their own property they can have you removed for carrying.  i wonder what all these business who ban carry do when the police arrive for anything?  Do they ask them to turn in their iron before entering the building??  I don't see any reason why law enforcement should have anymore right to protect themselves with a firearm than we as private lawful citizens have to protect ourselves.  What holds someone elses lives anymore sacred than any other lawful persons life?

Funny part is that I know a number of people who don't like guns, vote on everything that infringes on the 2nd Amendment.  Yet a couple of them have had the misfortune later on of finding themselves in a situation where they were praying to God that they had the means to protect themselves.  Later both people have actually had the nerve to ask me about guns and if I had any I could loan them.  My response has always been to ask them why they were always so quick to tear down the 2nd Amendment yet when they find their lives or home in danger they're wishing they had a gun and knew a thing or two about guns, instead of sitting there in their own soiled underwear, shaking, and crying in fear waiting for the cops to arrive?  But I told both of them that I'd be more than happy to spend a great deal of time teaching them about the 2nd Amendment, what it means and why it was written, then teach them everything I know about guns, safety, ammunition, and shooting, as well as tactical defense and preventing victimization, so that they can buy their own guns and be effective at protecting themselves.  The clincher is that they have to change their view on guns, start voting pro gun legislation, and join the NRA.  Neither family has ever taken me up on that offer. Evidently those unfortunate situations they ran into must not have left much of an impression on them.

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No idea what Starbucks Political views are..

being based in Seattle I'd have to guess VERY progressive-liberal.  But I could be wrong.

My point is:  Their coffee is overpriced and overrated.  Which leads me to:  The best coffee I ever had.

First up:  It should be known that, believe it or not, I'm not a coffee drinker... as a habit that is.  I drink it occasionally.  NOT every day or even close to it. 

Also, I'm no coffee connnoisseur, not sure I could tell a good cup of coffee from a piss poor one.  

The BEST coffee I EVER had took place on a guided Elk Hunt I took several years ago.  We were in a spike camp, with our guide, and he was native born Montana.  He made what he called 'cowboy coffee'.. which I had "heard" of but there are so many interpretations of that phrase that it's meaningless.  HIS recipe was simple - Boil water, add the coffee grounds... no filter, just a simple pot.  When it's done 'brewing' you drop in a cold rock from a nearby creek, the colder the better, which I guess 'collects' the grounds left after brewing.  Pour and partake... DELICIOUS.

My coffee maker I have at home can't come CLOSE to the coffee our guide prepared for us at the spike camp.  Now some of this HAS to be the very simple fact that EVERYthing in the mountains is better... food and drink alike.  Granted.  BUT... methinks there is a 'bit' more involved, can't put my finger on it, but the difference is simply too great to be explained by simply 'being in the mountains'. - JamesJM


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When I was in the service and

When I was in the service and we were out on depolyment, we'd make coffee like that, great stuff! Don't recall how much coffee we used in a can though? But instead of the rock, we poured a little cold water in it, got most of the grounds!

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I'd call their coffee overrated, but not at all overpriced.  I frequently find it on sale for roughly $6.99 to $7.99 per bag of whole bean.  Adjusting for inflation, todays prices in coffe is roughly equivelent to what my parents were paying for a pound of coffee in early 1950's US dollars, the big difference is that we get much better coffee today for roughly the same price as they did. 

Compared to Starbucks, all the other competition sitting on the same shelfs are much steeper in price including a couple of our local brands, brands roasted and bagged not more than 50 miles from where I live.  I'm just suprised Starbucks is so on the fence about carry of firearms. 

As far as JamesJM comment of progressive-liberal goes.....well I guess Starbucks story isn't unlike any other American sucess story, they made themselves the American dream. I guess you can say that this country was founded on somewhat liberal ideals anyway (relatively speaking for the era and time it was founded).  Though I'm sure saying that here will get me flammed.  But it's true. Big smile

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I think their coffee tastes

I think their coffee tastes like burnt crap.  Can't stand it.  The wife should own stock in it by now.  It's unreal how much she spends a week on that junk.  I have to hand it to Starbucks though...their marketing dept. are loaded with geniuses...getting people to spend 5 bucks for a cup of swill is amazing.