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Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information. Btw, I don't know why I typed small missle when stallion range is what I actually meant.

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Congrats... good luck!!!!!!!!

Congrats... good luck!!!!!!!!

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stallion range


 I drew the stallion range for jan along with my gf. Gotta teach her to shoot now;^) I got an oryx off range two years ago and on the mcgreggor range this past jan. One was a long shot for me (325yd) at a still animal and the other was 120 yards with the animal on a dead run. I doubt you will be able to get close enough for a bow. The terain is open, they have great eyesight, and they are skiddish. Plus they are really tough animals. Expect a long hike to where they finally drop even if you hit them in a good spot with a rifle. If you do get one with a bow please post it I will be greatly impressed.  I'm taking my 30-06.

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Are you a NM Native?

I thought my odds were pretty slim as a non-resident.  Pulling off two tags is awesome.  My son shot his in Hermosillo, Mexico with his 30-.06.  He folded it in half at 175 yards.  I'll be lucky to have two of my close guide friends (Bo Prieskhorn - Brazos River Outfitters and Tony Lopez - Ross Johnson Outfitters) along for the hunt.  They are a couple of the best guides in New Mexico and have been on many of these hunts.  If there's any kind of a chance of getting a shot with a bow, they'll get me one.

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Very nice animal he got

Very nice animal he got there!!! Thumbs up

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congrats on that tag. i heard

congrats on that tag. i heard that range has been doing better than the missile range for the past few years. I read an article somewhere about how the author believes the area at the missile range was heavily poached. the suspected poachers he thought, killed oryx at will and made no effort to retrieve them. he surmises this based upon several carcasses he found in the area.

i might have even read it here. but it's a sad story that i hear to often. the wasted life of dozens of animals because of a night of drunken ruckass.

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Great tag!!  My Wife hunted

Great tag!!  My Wife hunted the Stallion Range few years ago and we had a blast.  I would bring a rifle besides your bow.  But i have seen guys take them with bow and arrow.  If you plan on doning so head to the southern part of the area and hunt the mountains.  otherwise head east and hunt the plans between the small hills and the mountains.  lots of oryx there.  shouldn't be hard to find a nice one.  good luck and PM me if you have any more questions. 

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Oryx in NM

Got mine 3 years ago on McGregor Range. Not nearly as crowded as White Sands. My buddy manages the range down there for BLM and has said the oryx hunts have slowed down as too many years of numerous seasons and the oryx have been hammered hard. Plan on hunting hard for the full season you get and consider scouting ahead. It used to be a fairly easy hunt but no longer. And the meat is the absolute best even better than elk. Good Luck!!

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you cant legally film your

you cant legally film your hunt but ive ummm heard of a guy or two doing it.  i personally have hunted rhodes and stallion. my personal opinion is take a rifle and leave the bow at home. remember its once in a lifetime and the pressure piles up on the last day. fortunately u have and extra day before it was a two day hunt. i shot my 40" oryx at 400 yards. my cousins was over 300 and most shots are over 250. like someone said the are skidish and its really open. pm me and ill give u a honey hole on stallion. or if u have a guide or two youll be fine my personal opinion is save your money u dont need a guide on range. good luck rob

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Mission Accomplished on the Stallion Range

Great Hunt!  Phenomenol Meat!!!

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