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Staged town hall meetings

Obama will be in my "neck of the woods" at a town hall meeting in Grand Junction Colorado this Saturday. I would like to go, however I've been reading that participants are being screened and opponents are kept out. What is this country coming to? Staged town hall meetings? If opponents are not allowed to participate and have their voices heard, then what the heck is all this about??? Preventing opponents from participating will only make people even angrier. Very bad move from the dems and Obama.


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Staged town hall meetings

Personally, I hope the conservatives of the nation keep the heat on.

For one thing, people have been keeping quiet because the media has convinced them that conservative views were out of step with the rest of the country. But as they've found the courage to speak out, they've discovered that a whole lot of other people think the same way. Wait a minute! We're not out of step after all! We're the majority! It's nice to see people shake off the fog and find their voices.

For another, the Dems have way too much on the record over the years supporting protests as the American way and democracy in action. The more people speak up, the more the Dems clamp down -- and the more they reveal who they really are. Their ideas can't stand the light of intellectual scrutiny by people who value individual liberty, so they're inevitably left with no alternative but to silence opposition like every other leftist system from Josef Stalin to Hugo Chavez. Americans will put up with a lot of things, but they won't put up with leaders that tell them to be good peasants and stay quiet, and they won't put up with leaders that employ the tactics of tinhorn dictators.

People complained about the Patriot Act, but at least Bush let people speak, protest, and make their own decisions. And he didn't lock the Democrats out of the legislative process, either.

Come on, 2010!

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Staged town hall meetings

I love to quote Hillary to drive home my point to liberals that I have a right and obligation to disagree with any administration.

I wonder how many of these now vocal people voted for Obama or didn't bother to vote? I bet the number is high and it is a lesson to be learned - pay attention and get out and vote.

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Dems or not, people need to speak out. Where's the democracy on that. expatriate is right. Bush let them speak before. That's democracy! Enough with the staged town hall meetings. Shame on You!

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