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Squirt turns the corner!

As fast as Bodie took off, I was thinking that Squirt wasn't gonna make it. But a couple weeks ago he started coming on. This evening he really turned it on with the best efforts ever. To top it off, my son is not going to take him now so he stay's right here where he belongs! I was really starting to worry about giving him up.

Squirt and Bodie should make one class act when they are done! Going to hunt them as a brace.


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Squirt turns the corner!

You sure have a couple great looking dogs, Don. Glad Squirt gets to stay, I think he gonna end up surpassing Bodie in time Thumbs up


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Squirt turns the corner!

Those are setters, If I'm correct right Don. Great looking dogs are they good hunters and what do you use them for mostly? Birds?

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