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Spruce Woods Elk

Hello all,

Just signed up today.  I decided this year to enter the Elk archery draw, been on my mind for many years and finally pulled the trigger on it.  I have Sprucewoods as my first choice. While work and kids baseball have stopped me from getting out there to look around I was hoping for a little help on where to start. GHA 30 is the zone.  Did I choose the correct area for starters?  Any help or tips would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

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We don't get too many members

We don't get too many members from western Canada but welcome to the forum.  What I would sugges is to get out in the next couple of months where you plan on hunting and see what you can come up with.  Elk are creatures of habit and once you find them they should be in the same place until other hunters or the weather pushes them out. 

For scoutting I like to find a high location were I can see a lot of country and then start to glass, you can use binoculars to intially locate them and then a spotting scope if you want to see just how big they are once you find a bull.  Also you don't say if it is a bull, cow or either sex tag that you have.  If it is a first time for you I wouldn't pass up on a nice cow if one comes within range.  But getting out and learning the country would be the first step in having a successful hunt this coming fall.

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sprucewoods ?

I'm assuming that is in alberta ?  Western Canada is a BIG place..... Yes

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