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spring vs. fall baiting

So what do you think about places that are only legal to bait in the fall like Ontario? Is it just as effective or is it better to pay more for some of the spring hunts?

It would seem that fall baiting would be very good as they are bulking up for winter but I know I read somewhere that the success was lower in the fall.

Any thoughts?

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Fall can be great & you are
Fall can be great & you are right they are tryin to pack on the weight.
We have had amazing success on fall bear hunts with bad berry crop year.
BIG bears in the area find the bait & won't leave it.
Blue berries everywhere it makes it slower but it still can come togther.
Nice thing about fall bear season here in Manitoba you can harvest a wolf when the opportunity arises.
Spring once there stomachs are workin & they start to feed & it's hard to beat.
& you have the breeding season starting in June so the mature males are cruising.
good luck its fun watching them workin the bait!
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What do you know about bears,

What do you know about bears, LOL!  Just kidding guys!  I was in Monty's bear camp on a fly in trip in the Spring of 2009 up in Manitoba and he's the best.  If the weather cooperates he will get you on big bears and he knows how to run a great camp with very good food in a beautiful area.  The fishing also is just a little bit better than good, LOL!  Glad to see you on this site Bro!!!  I'll bet you are about ready for calving on the ranch, aren't you?

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