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Spring Turkey

IDK whats worse turkeys or turkey hunters on 4 wheelers....I seen turkey camps this year...thats a first for me...elk camps...deer camps but never have I even heard of or even seen a turkey camp....and most where dry camps....either jakes or nothing.....I seen 11 toms opening weekend.....NOT EVEN COUNTING JAKES....while I was bear hunting...which is going like SH**T by they way....Very little sign....heading out in the morning to piss more turkey hunters off and hopefully see some sign.....

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Spring Turkey

Turkey camps don't bother me and guys who use 4 wheelers on property don't even bother me if it is legal... ...there is a public place i hunt in western Washigton that several ppl know there are birds, and that is fine..because there is enough birds and land.... but what bothers me is at each gate,that is closed, there are multiple signs sayin Closed to motorized traffic....with a quad, and truck in a circle crossed out right. SO my family that hunts and I always walk in and there is a lot of land....well opening morning a guy on a quad passes us on the road... and i think that is BS...
it is illegal right now to be in there on quads
and my opinion It is unsportsmanlike to just go hauling butt past other hunters to beat them to a "spot".
anyways.... I got a rio couple weekends ago, hunting this week and next around here for my eastern, then the 19th go for the merrium

One of our hunting partners got a Nice eastern on Saturday. i went to eastern washington to guide my cousin, and didnt manage to get a good shot.

and the weekend i go east our buddy gets a tank of a eastern in western washington. 24lb 10" beard 1 1/2 spurs.

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Spring Turkey

Yep I'll join that boat thanks for defending the free countries jake and come home safe and ready to hunt man. Very nice toms boys congrats and great pics that camera phone took a nice pic and the backdrop is amazing man great pic keep em comming boys.

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