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Spring snow goose hunts

Our main migration peaks around March 20. You will need to be a little flexible on your hunting dates. It is dictated by the migration. We run several fields at a time to make sure we are hitting the geese in the fields they are feeding in. Our guys were averaging over 250 birds per day and that was just out of the fields no ore then two miles from the lodge. They also smoked them in our fields about fifteen miles north of the lodge. Guides and dogs are included in the hunt. You will hunt morning and evening each day for one straight price. This is an all inclusive hunt. Meals are included as well as lodging, pick up at the airport, etc. The price is a flat 200/day to goose hunt. If you would also like to pheasant hunt we are able to go through the end of March in South Dakota. The birds are plenty wild right now but hopefully they should settle down by the time March rolls around. If you decide to hunt pheasants it is an additional 100/ per day. We take care of cleaning, packaging and freezing your pheasants. We do not clean waterfowl. You are free to use our facilities to take care of that. It is a good set up and it makes it a lot easier with the tables and running water right there for all your needs. We do have a few high school kids on staff that will clean your birds for a fee if you like. This is about the best hunt in the state considering the price you pay for everything you get. You won't be disappointed. If goose hunting is a little slow in the morning come on back and we will go out and get your limit in pheasants. Feel free to bring your dogs. We generally have around 1,000 decoys in the field of which a great majority of them are motion decoys. If you would like more information don't hesitate to give us a call at either 605-395-7799 or cell 605-262-0844.

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