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Spring Coyote Hunting

Hello all. I am a veteran hunter of deer,waterfowl and such, but have just gotten into predator hunting (and love it btw).
I am looking for advice on tactics to use during the spring time that would be applicable here in northern wisconsin.
Thanks In advance.

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Spring Coyote Hunting

I've never really hunted yotes in the Spring, but their sure like to show up when I call for Turkeys Think

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Spring Coyote Hunting

Fawn bleat, definately. Just by an open reed cottontail in distress call and make long drawn out bleats with it. It's fun because coyotes and deer will respond. Also try howling. Denning females will run off males too close to their den.

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Spring Coyote Hunting

Got one Saturday (Apr 28th). I used an electronic call hitting coyote howls and then pup yelps while also hitting some handheld call coyote howls. Brought a big male running in within five minutes and dropped him at forty yards with my 243 at a fast lope. My first called coyote and it was a blast.


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Spring Coyote Hunting

You should check out huntingfootage.com they have some good coyote clips.I have tryed hunting them one time with no luck.I hear them all the time at night out fishing.

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