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spring black bear hunt

I'm want to hunt area 1 buy priest lake for black bear. Not really familiar with the area. Can anyone out there give me some info on some hot spots buy priest lake. 

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I presume that you are

I presume that you are talking about Idaho but there is also a Priest Lake in Oregon. 


I also can't help you too much other that to tell you to walk the logging roads glassing the open meadows with a lot of green grass in them.  The bears will be out grazing on the grass and that may be your best bet to find them.

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We hunted spring bear in

We hunted spring bear in idaho in 2011, but had no luck. I hope you can find a good spot and connect!

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Spring bear

If you're talking Idaho then you should really look into baiting. You should have 3-5 bait sites. Using baits will increase your odds greatly. Spot and stalk is great and all but if you really want a bear, baiting or dogs is the way to go. They do require time and dedication though. If you use trail cameras you will be able to choose the bear you want to go for and elimate sites that have sows with cubs or smaller bears. Of course, I'm assuming you can bait that area. I've never hunted that far north.

If you choose to spot and stalk, keep an eye out for sign that bears are in the area. Scratched trees, torn up rocks, and logs. Hope you have a good set of optics and lots of luck. Especially luck.

Also, if money is available you could find someone to put the baits out for you and upkeep them.

Hopefully you are already doing some of this. I'm not baiting this year but friends I have started weeks ago.

Good luck.



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