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kansas+bears=me staying here forever

i enjoyed your information. i am new relatively to bear hunting.

my favorite bait, that has worked the best anyways, has been leftover chinease from the china buffet. the fry-oil smell+seafood really did the trick i think.

i never had as much activity as when i had that bait out.

now all i need to do is get kansas to reintroduce bears and i'll have it made. Dancing

i'll hunt them in oregon next year, and unfortunately, bait is not allowed.

can i ask how long those bear lolipops last? is it a week, a month, and do they desintegrate in the rain? since they're all sugar, it seems like they might not last long.

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Well so far the lollipops are a hit. They have outlasted the meat, and keep the bears interested in the site. When I made them, I poured the lollipop mixture in an ice cream pail and left the lollipop to cool in a snowbank. I have seen other guys spray Pam or non-stick cooking spray in their pails, so that they can remove the lollipop from the pail once it is cooled. I left mine in the pails so that I can hang them upside down and when it rains, the rain does not wash the lollipop away as the bucket protects it.  

So far I have several bears on my sites, and they have cleaned me out of bait on two occasions. One bear in particular has been returning regularily, a nice big cinnamon sow. I will not shoot her; my thoughts are that a sow in heat that is frequenting a bait is the best attractant possible. Plus she should produce more color phase bears!


Thanks for the comments SCO.

SCO has been kind enough to share some of his years of experience in hunting bears with me. I can honestly say he is the most genuine outfitter/guide that I have had the pleasure to deal with over the years. If it weren't for him, I would probably just be throwing money into the woods.... again!! If you have the chance to experience a guided hunt for bears or any other big game in Alberta, and would like a suggestion of who you would like to deal with, SCO is the guy. An accomplished guide, and all around great guy. His company is Shadow Creek Outfitters, google it and you will come up with his website.

**I do not work for SCO, or have any affiliation with his outfit, but he has helped me out several times and definitely deserves an honourable mention!

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