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Spotting Scope: A Must Have or Lose Em

I am Back!

With another optics question for the experienced... My buddy thinks that we need a spotting scope for our pronghorn hunt (still being optomistic). Is one really needed? Is the extra wieght and gear really needed if you have a good pair of binos? I can see their use from a vehicle if you are scouting from the roads and trying to pinpoint a herd. Since we are only going to be there 4 days this may be a must have to speed up our search.

Thanks Again Folks! YH

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Spotting Scope: A Must Have or Lose Em

I usually use a good pair of quality binos, in 10X42 or 10X50. High quality spotting scopes can really come in handy when sizing up a buck from 1000+ yards, especially if you are looking for a book buck.

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Spotting Scope: A Must Have or Lose Em

a quality spotting scope is a must if your trying to judge trophy size of an animal from a distance. This also allows you to judge the animal with out pressuring the animal as you can judge them fairly well from a good distance good binos are always a must but a good spotting scope will save you from chasing a animal that you dont want to harvest.

Not to mention a spotting scope can save you a lot of walking by being able to glass farther and in more detail.

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