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Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting Strategies (feature)

April 2009 Feature Article:

Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting Strategies

It was the middle of May. My wife, Heather, had done a perfect stalk on an average-sized cinnamon phase bear early in the afternoon. A wonderful trophy in its own right, she was still hoping to fill her second Alberta bear tag on a big old black. With a little luck and some good strategy we hoped to accomplish this all in the same day. In turn, we invested the next several hours scouring the countryside in search of a bigger bruin. Her cinnamon was taken at just 60 yards on a small patch of lush clover, the only one we could locate for several miles in either direction. Read more...

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Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting Strategies (feature)

I have a newbie question about the following: "After the shot, always wait at least 20 minutes. If you have 45, then give it the full three quarters of an hour." It seems like a LONG time to me. Can anyone help explain why?

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Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting Strategies (feature)

The main reason is you don't want to jump a beded animal that has been hit. Blood dries up and adrenaline takes over and they can get lost in a hurry.

Better to let them lay a little longer then to lose them.

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Re: Spot & Stalk Black Bear Hunting Strategies (feature)

On the clearings.

The day had started to break… The mist was clinging on to the crowns, settling on the tips of conifer, like crystal beads .The wind was practically absent, but I could feel its light touching my face, from the side of glade, which was lighting nearby. I was walking on the moss, didn't hear my steps. I tried not to breath… I knew these places from my previous spring hunting. I met a lot of black bears , feeding on the hacks by the young greens. Now , I hopped to find mine. Shoots of blueberries started to meet by my, sometimes I was meeting the scattering of blueberries, covered by gray thin coating of dew. The moss was voiceless, the layer of it reached my knee sometimes. The forest was dumb, too, the birds voices couldn't be hear, the air was saturated by dew, keeping all sounds out and making me uneatable and invisibled.A bear trap was meeting me on the woods road, shooting by grasses , with small bold spots, where I can see fragment of trap. It curved to the hack ( it gave me possibility to guess its location).The animal was feeding hardily. There was a snowy, frozen, long canadian winter coming ahead. And it was the last time , which the beast had to spend for collecting enough stores of fat, which is very needed for the animal to survive a winter. He licked the blue scattering of berries off from the moss, snorted and champed, stopped sometimes and listened. The berries were ripe and juicy and there are so many berries that the bear only needed to gather berries for its stomach with help his long, flexible, snake tongue. His skin was too shiny. He was all black, like a resin, and only his light muzzle gave away his belonging to the family of black bear. The beast was full already, but there was a plethora of berries and he continued to fill his stomach.

I raised my hand, attracting the attention of my friend, but my friend, who was hunting with me for second time , didn't see my gestures. His rifle was leaning against the trunk of fir .By himself , he observed something’s on the land. I sooner felt then recognized the beast, no the beast even, but only at first dark spot in the forest, which was producing some moving. The distance was about 50-70 metres, but it still was gloomy in the forest , from raising mist and from the sun, not being rayed yet; more over, small dense bushes and abundance of died trees, hindered good visibility. I observed the bear with binoculars. It was a mature animal, having a black shine skin. His small ears on the great head showed me his age. It was an excellent trothy.There was a light breeze , blowing into the my direction, but I knew , that the beast was recognizing the danger , too.
He was staing without moving , only raising his head and quading his wet ,agile nose, trying to guess about the coming danger. I was really wanted my friend to have this bear, but he didn't see my gestures, nor the animal. By lying low on land close to shooted dense raspberry canes, he started to walk into the depths of the forest, I moved a parallel course, calculating to meet the bear on the clearing ahead among the bushes. He could not to see or sence me, but he felt me by his skin, because the beast started to walk away faster and faster. I was recognizing the winds direction and I had to be quick in order to not lose the bear from my sight .In my hand I held a nice broken in rifle with scope, and I watched the bear through the scope. I sow him so closed, but in the interlacing of woods bushes. He walked away in the same direction without looking back or stopping , but I was feeling, that the beast recognized me , I sow it about his behaviour, how he went away, giving me a sidelong glance…But in this moment I knew already that he didn't have a chance…

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