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Spot GPS rental??????

I'm am looking for a place near Gunnison or CO Springs to rent a Spot gps rental. Any help would be appreciated. 

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I highly doubt that you will

I highly doubt that you will find a store that rents them in the Gunnison area. There was a store in Colorado Springs that rented outdoor equipment but I don't remember their name.

Check for them around your local area and if you don't find one do a Google search for them. I just did a quick one and there are a few places that will rent one and ship it to you. But depending on when your hunt starts you may be in some time constraints. So I would do it TODAY.

I just did another search and came up with this place. I would call them today to see if they have one available for you. http://www.lowergear.com/advice.php/content/rent_camping_and_backpacking...

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I have done some research on the Spot, because i want to get a PLB, most of the reviews on the Spot are BAD.
I wouldn't waist my money renting or buying one. jmo
The ACR seems to be the one with the best reviews.
and there are places that rent them too.


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I personally don't think that

I personally don't think that any of them work that well in the mountains here in Colorado. I know that my regular GPS has trouble picking up the satelights when I am in the canyons, but if I am up on a ridge line then it works OK. But if you are just planning on using it for a contact to send the wife a email message each day letting her know that you are alright and you don't mind driving to a spot that you have coverage then any of them work OK.

I personally would not bet my life on any of them right now.

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I love my spot.

I bought a spot this year before my wilderness hunt. It has sent messages home every time i needed to. It also is kind of neat to see where you were. I like the security of knowing they will send help if i need it. If you are going into the back country it is cheap peace of mind.

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I've used a spot for years in the mountains of Colorado.  It works just fine.  It aquires satillites a bit differently than your GPS.  Not sure of the exact science but I get messages out in areas where my GPS just spins it's wheels.  I've found it to be very useful and well worth the yearly contract.

I doubt you'll find them for rent as each spot is registered to an individual with your contact info and rescue numbers.  I'm not really sure how that would work if it's registered to a store with their contact info associated to it.

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