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spot and stalk??

Is it possible??

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I think if you were lucky enough to spot one first it would be possible. The chances are so slim of that happening though... You might be better off to spot and call. Again- you have to spot them first which will be the hard part.

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spot and stalk??

Track and stalk is possible I have heard, but very difficult. The method is much like hunting with hounds, traveling backcountry roads and openings looking for good tracks to follow in the snow, then following those tracks to the cat.

I read in a Craig Boddington book recently about a woman who accomplished this feat, but she hunted hard for many days for I think it was three years before she was successful. I am sure the personal reward and satisfaction of such a difficult hunt was awesome. I also was an article on the subject on some website, but I'm sorry I cannot remember which. I was kind of thinking it was this website, but it might have been Cabelas, hunting.net, or some other. Maybe you can find it. Good luck.

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