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Spike Bulls?

Captian i didnt barge into this thread,I started it.Ridge that is another area where the elk huntig is directly effected by the wolves,do you see any sign while hunting there?

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Spike Bulls?

i hear ya im the same way but i never hunted elk

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Spike Bulls?

Here in Easter Washington the spike bull rule had been in effect for many years. I honestly dont know any spikes live but they do and the result is that we have a TON of huge elk. ITs more common to see 6X6 and 7X7 monsters then the small ones.

I personally dont like having to shoot the spikes because its very hard to find one.

THe people who get drawn for branch antler elk love the rule because they get a good chance at huge elk. My friend got drawn and got a 320 6X6... It all works out and keeps herd numbers up.

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