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A special packages for that hunter that visit the AFRICA  and want to spend some African Hunting Time in Africa after the games to end his stay in South-Africa on a high. We all know travel costs is high and why  not make use of the opportunity in this difficult economic times. Here is a special for all the  hunters out there  with the current economy being the way it is I would like to meet my clients half way.

My Hunting Lodge(TAU-NKWE SAFARIS) are only 200km from OR Thambo Airport and my concessions is in a radius of only 50km of my Lodge. The luxurious accommodations are situated in the heart of the most beautiful African landscape and will not only please the hunter, but also the non-shooting observers. You will see abundant bird and wildlife associated with the area.

Non-hunters are welcome to join the hunting safari party while on their African hunt or there are plenty of non-hunter activities in the area. Our hunting lodge are the perfect places to relax and unwind

You will hunt on my concessions that have all the animals on that are been offer to you in a morning and afternoon hunt to enjoy your lunch and rest in 5 star style lodge with 200% service from me and my staff 


PACKGES 1:(US$22702-00) INCLUDE(only one left)

1.)  2 Hunting Day Fees(5 Hunting day’s to be booked not included)

2.)   One Lion male

Offer valid For 2010 /August/Sept/Oct:


  Daily Rates: Plains Game
1 Hunter/1 PH: $330 p.p.p.d
2 Hunters/1 PH: $300 p.p.p.d
Observers: $220 p.p.p.d

Specie List & Price:
Bushbuck $ 990-00
Bles buck $ 520-00
Bush Pig $ 280-00
Blue Wildebeest $ 1150-00

Black Wildebeest $ 1150-00
Common Duiker $ 200-00
Common Steen buck $ 200-00
Cape Eland $ 2280-00
Gems buck(Oryx) $ 1280-00
Giraffe $ 2950-00
Impala $ 390-00
Greater Kudu $ 1650-00
Nyala $ 3090-00
Red Hartebeest $ 1150-00
Reedbuck - Mountain $ 1130-00
Reedbuck - Common $ 1020-00
Springbuck - Common $ 480-00
Waterbuck $ 1840-00
Warthog $ 280-00
 Zebra $ 1280-00
Klipspringer $ 1150-00

Call now to book your 2010 big game and plains games hunt or to request additional information on any of our available hunts

Other packages can be arrange to suite your hunting needs as well.

LOOKING FORWARD TO HUNT WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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