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I already flagged his posts, and sent a PM to the moderators.  I'm sure you guys can see it, as it's 100+ posts, I think.  He hit the site good....

Nobody click on that Afra99 guy, or whatever his screen name is......

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I've been working on him since this morning

Wish there was a way I could delete them all at once

Never mind, looks like someone else figured that out.

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Yeah, he posted like 200+ spam posts! In our admin area we can block people and then delete up to 50 posts at one time. What a pain....

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You did a good job as

You did a good job as yesterday was the first time in three months I didn't log in and I missed the whole thing.

Thanks for the work you guys do with that stuff.

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I moderate for a waterfowl

I moderate for a waterfowl forum and we have had trouble with that from time to time...it really sucks when you have to spend so much time taking care of crap like that...thanks to all the moderators for keeping it clean here.

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