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Southwest Texas Whitetail/ Exotic Hunt!!!!!!!!!!

Fall 2012 Whitetail/Exotic Hunt Super Package!!

*3 days Guided Whitetail Hunting
*4 nights Lodging in one of our 6 very nice Lodges( Most of which are newely remodeled with Directv and all the Luxurys of home)
*10,000 HF acres in South Texas to Hunt!!!
*This Beautiful working cattle ranch is complete with over a thousand acres of hay fields(oat in the winter) lots of water, 50 corn feeders, 35 Blinds and list goes on and on!!!
* All Blinds are Custom-made Very modern and comfortable 4x8 elevated shooting houses.
* High-Rack trucks and Rangers.
* Non-Hunting Guest are more than Welcome to join free of charge!!!
(Now the Good Part!!!)

*1 Whitetail Buck up to 160" ( $250 trophy fee if 160+)
*2 Whitetail does
*1 Rio Grange Gobbler
*Unlimited Predators and Varmits
* Catch and Release bass and catfish fishing
* You may Substitute the the Whitetail Buck for an Elk, Fallow, Mouflon, Sika, Nilgai, Bison or Aoudad.
* Meals available upon Request $150pp/hunt

$3095 pp

-Also The whitetail rut in our part of the country rut in late december typically so reserve your date NOW!!!!
You may add additional animals for the following trophy fees
Exotic Sheep-$700 Aoudad-2095
Nilgai-2195 Elk cow-1500
Sika- 1795 Elk bull- 2500
Fallow-1795 Blackbuck-2000

Bar-B-Diamond Outfitters