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Did anyone do any good in unit 74?
We did not. Think

We saw cows in the strawberry patch, bulls above Andrews Lake, and 1 bull at the top of Elbert Creek behind the ski area. None of us got shots.

We saw tons of Mulies in Junction Creek but none with antlers.

We saw 5 boned-out elk at Graysill mine, so someone must have done good there 2nd season. Hope it was one of you.

Hope you guys had better luck than us.

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Well, it was fun anyway. Hunted near Graystone Mt the first few days. Saw lots of sign, but no elk. Looked more like a pass through area than anything else. Caught a glimps of a small black bear and VERY fresh tracks of a bigger one in a game trail not far from the sighting.

Next two days were spent near the Strawberry Patch area. Saw two feeding on a meadow just before dark. Worked our way to within 225 yards and the guy I hunt with took a shot at a 4x4 bull. Took a rock out just under him and that was that. Next time, I shoot. He is usually dead on, but not that day.

I liked the area and may try it again next year. Most of the elk taken that I saw were with the assistance of guides. Packing in three or four miles with someone who knows the area well seemed to do the trick.

Oh well, there is always next year. Saw a ton of deer on my AZ deer hunt, but no antlers. Got zipped all the way around again.

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