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Southern Wisconsin Coon Hunting..

Just curious if anyone is from or has hunted Coon in Wisconsin. By the looks of the DNR regulations you have to have a dog to hunt because you can't shine with a light. Well I don't have a Coog dog, but I was wondering if anyone has found loop holes so that you can still hunt them. Otherwise I might have to invest in a dog apparently. Any information is helpfull. Thanks!

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Southern Wisconsin Coon Hunting..

I know this is about a year late but...better late than never. Anyway I hunt coons at night here in Wisconsin without a dog or by shining and still keep from getting pinched. My local game warden stopped me a couple of times coming out of a public area early in the morning...with kills and he said I was alright.

I use a Ruger Mini-14 topped with an ATN night vision scope (Gen II). It also has an adjustable IR illuminator good to about 100 yds. It's just like shooting during the day. It has a standby mode for battery conservation and a built in rangefinder below the reticle which really comes in handy. For dusk and dawn hunts I use a NcStar in 3-9X42. I like the adjustable red lighted mil-style reticle. When I switch optics I use a laser boresight cartridge at 25 yds and I haven't had any problems with accurracy. It's the easiest way to sight in a night vision scope.

I used the same set up for coyotes when I lived in eastern Colorado. A lot of yotes went to the happy hunting ground courtesy of this rig. I run off the shelf Wolf .223 varmint rounds. Good expansion and minor pelt damage.

I just bought a single shot .22 for coons and possums. I'm going to use the same optics for night hunts with it too.

The ATN is cheaper than buying, training and maintaining a dog(s). They may find and tree the coons quicker but I don't have to clean up after the ATN. Just buy fresh batteries now and then. Good luck with those varmints!

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