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Southern Michigan Hunters to Have More Hunting Land?

In Michigan there is a long-standing law that prohibits the discharge of a firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building without the permission of the owner. In one area of Southern Michigan's Macomb County, an ordinance was passed 30 years ago that made it illegal to hunt in a multi-square mile area regardless of the proximity of occupied dwellings. This effectively closed many acres of prime hunting land which had previously been huntable.

The Washington township board recently voted unanimously to rescind this ordinance and has recommended the issue to the Department of Natural Resources for approval. There will be a public hearing on March 30 for public comment. If passed, much of the area will again be open for hunting, with the 450-foot rule still in place to protect property owners. Thumbs up

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As long as you adhere to the

As long as you adhere to the 450 foot rule and pay attention to your backstop there should never be a problem. Even in a worst case scenario they could at most limit it to archery or other short range weapons, there was no need to ban hunting al together.

Hopefully common sense prevails and the hunting can begin again.

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i wonder if we can thank the

i wonder if we can thank the motor-city madman for this?

i have a sincere respect for the nuge's conservation ethic. he has spear-headed political moves to give hunters and biologists the edge when it comes to wildlife managment.

as hunters, i think most of us need to follow suit and bring the same kind of legislation to our own states.

here's the deal though, hunters have already lost a lot of liberty on the west coast. california and oregon are getting a little messed up... it will take a lot of undoing.

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I was talking to a CO and he

I was talking to a CO and he mentioned something about this. Glad they left the 450 rule in place.

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