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Southern California rodent hunting?

Where do i start? i have a little .22, i just need to know some good locations, techniques, etc? its REALLY hard to get help on here sometimes, so ANY information is very helpful!

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Southern California rodent hunting?

Not sure of So.Cal. as I live in Oregon :/ But I would think if you where able to find a farm or orcard and ask the owners, they might let you hunt their land.

Dairy Farms are good for ground varmits.

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Southern California rodent hunting?

im in corona area and this is what i looking for too. i have .22 too, but thinking i should use my 30 06 so i can get the practice for deer season. i here some people talking about the desert for coyotoes and rabbits squerrel etc . i work 4 days on and 4 off so im really getting to the point of just going lol robert

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Southern California rodent hunting?

hey whats up i live up in the victorville area i`ve hunted deer and coyote in texas im looking to get back into it but dont have any idea on laws and were its legal to hunt mainly with out a guide im not willing to pay to go hunting mule deer, white tail and elk i know theres land out there i just cant find it

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