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Southern CA Hog/Deer/Coyote hunt locations...any help would be great....

Hello all,

I am trying to plan my semi-annual hunting trip with a few friends and I wanted to see if anyone had some good advice of places to hunt in southern CA.  I live in the south bay area of LA county and would like to stay within a few hours distance.  

I know people are keen to give up their hunting spots, and I completely agree with that.  I guess my main question is to get some suggestions about general areas around southern CA and plan a nice 3 day hunting trip with a couple buddies.  We have been doing this for the past 4 years, but i thought I would see if other people on the website had some suggestions as to possible places we can try out.  Maybe venture out of our comfort zone, so to speak.  

Thanks for the help in advance... much appreciated!

Happy Hunting all!

-Dondo90  :thumbsup1: 

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Well, I am curious, how much

Well, I am curious, how much are you wanting to spend?  I cannot help with the Deer and coyotes in that area, but for hogs, have you looked at the Tejon Ranch?  It's still $450, but that's alot cheeper than other places.  The ranch is all free ranging, and it's about 276,000 acres.  They have management hunts, which go from mid-day friday, to mid-day Sunday.

They have free spots on site to camp if you want.  You can take any 1 pig, as long as it's not a nursing sow.  Success rate is pretty good there too.  The next hunt is Dec 9-11, and then there is one about every 2 months after that. It's just north of LA, probably not more than 90 minutes from you.

If that's not what you are looking for, I really can't say where you could go.  There are pigs and deer on public land in the central coast area, up near San Luis Obisbo, but you'll need to navigate the small patches of public land.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.  If you need more info on Tejon, I can point you in the right direction.  I will be hunting there in Decembe or on the February hunt.

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