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Re: Southern CA Hog Hunting Question?
I've taken many hogs with an arrow. How would that be considered?

Not sure if that was directed to me or not. If so, I think that's great! If you can get a clean kill (yes, I know it's possible) then you're a friggin bad ass and I wish I had your skill with a bow.

But wouldn't you agree that trying to take bag a wild boar with the thickest skin and widely considered to be one of the most hearty and tough animals out there with a small round is a bad idea? An arrow with the right speed can pierce the skin and drop the ham pretty quickly. The wrong round will not do the same. Hopefully there is someone out there who will back me up here, because I know that I'm right.

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Re: Southern CA Hog Hunting Question?

I think the right round for a hog is key. Like I said earlier I hunt with my shotgun and use a slug, knowing that it will drop the sucker on contact Big smile

I think as sportsman, we do have a certain level of responsibility to use the proper ammunition when hunting specific game. I think the right bow in the right spot works great. The right rifle round placed properly is perfect, but the right rifle round poorly placed could be tough to drop the game. So I definitely think the wrong size bullet could mean more trouble than is needed. I guess the best thing to do is ere on the side of a heavier round, and be sure to practice shooting at all different distances so we can try our best to fulfill our responsibility of being good sportsman. Let’s just hope that those privileges are never challenged.

If I am wrong, I would love to hear another side. That’s why I love having discussions on this message board.

Happy hunting gentlemen, and great discussion!

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Re: Southern CA Hog Hunting Question?

I seen some pretty crazy things happen while hog hunting. I've takken them with rifles, bows, pistols and i had two different big boars in the 300lb range charge me trying to bite and hook me with those tusks after i shot them with a 30-06 with a 180gr bullet which is plenty powerful to do the job. What im trying to say is you have to be on your gaurd when approching a downed hog because they might lay in wait for you to come. And yea you right i would not use a pellet gun on one of those unpredictable critters.

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Re: Southern CA Hog Hunting Question?

I had tried looking for a place to hunt pigs on public land. I was then advised that I would actually save money and time by paying an outfitter. All the money in gas/supplies and time I would waste in trying public lands without success would be better spent for one good hunt with an outfitter. Now i reluctantly pay but still hope and wish for a good public land to hunt on...

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wild pig

hey man i saw your message about pigs..you can try out soda lake it is literraly located in between to private ranches..so its a pretty good area...you should try going in june or july..cuz thats when the pig like to be on the plains and flats and thats how soda lake is..also on the way to soda lake its all flat plains and their are a bunch of coyotes im talking about in a 5  min drive youll prob see like 5 or 6 coyotes!!!good luck bro!!!! Thumbs up

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