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South Texas WhiteTail and Hogs

Local kid with 1200 acres has a little one on the way. He normally doesn't open up his land, but neccesity is neccesity.....and the oilfield is killing employement for the younger guys in my area.

The kid's doing hoghunts at a $100 per hunter per day 40 bucks a pig to cut em up for you.

Deer Hunts at $200 per hunter per day Texas bag limits apply


Bring food and drink...But there are stores very close....This is Brazoria County,Texas for the location.

Message me and I will put you in touch.

Hes a good kid ,so is his wife. They're struggling like we all have at some point and lets face it, The prices are pretty hard to beat....He has stands and feeders in place.


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