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South Platte in CO

I am planning on doing some duck hunting this winter, but haven't ever tried it in CO; I just have some basic questions. What species or short list of species predominates? I always hunted ponds/lakes in OK, how different is river hunting? Anything you guys/gals have in the way of pointers would be appreciated, I am looking forward to seeing if my dekes still float...

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South Platte in CO

I would say the best and easiest place to hunt would be around the Ft. Morgan and Brush area. During the early part of the season, lots of puddle ducks around but starting in November the populus are the mallards by far. It's not hard to river hunt just have to be careful in the river, had a buddy almost fall in last year, it can be slick. I think that it's probably the most fun hunt because you get ducks coming down the river, smaller and more limited area, they come in fast. It's really fun!!!!! Good luck to ya!

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South Platte in CO

I agree. For Northeastern Colorado the most ducks will be along the Platte river from Ft. Morgan on up the river. However, and many will disagree, but to me if it's ducks you want, don't waste your time trying to hunt them in Colorado. It can be okay, and I've done it for years, but have never once limited-out anywhere in northeast part of the state. For ducks in this state, it's really hit and miss as to how good the hunting will be. Particularly anywhere east of I-25.

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