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SD hunting atlas

Go here and type in your address and they will send you an atlas.

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harding co

my brother lives in SD and hunts Harding Co annually. Last winter there was a MASSIVE winter kill up there--SD GFP also saw this and really limited permits this yr b/c of the winter kill. He hunts public up there and this year there we WAY LESS goats running around. It will take a few yrs for the herd up there to recover. FYI

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even less tags this

even less tags this year...couple more bad storms last winter out the hurtin on the goats again. but stiil opportunity to chase em.

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I was pretty happy to draw

I was pretty happy to draw tags this year.  I know everyone is saying the numbers are down, but I saw a ton of goats last year in Butte and Harding county.  Haven't been out yet this year to scout, so not sure what it looks like.

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What's the cost for a NR to

What's the cost for a NR to hunt SD? Are the tags OTC or do you have to apply for them?

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Its all a draw system. It is

Its all a draw system. It is Illegal to guide  or outfit on public lands in S.D.

SDGF&P has all the info you need including maps

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a quick note....the third

a quick note....the third draw is open right now for antelope. i put in for more tags...most doe/kid tags leftover but after this draw it is first come first serve...so basically is over the counter. there were alot of tags left by the way!