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South Dakota Pronghorn 2009

Im new to this site but I been doing some homework on a SD antelope bowhunt in Harding county in 2009! I was wondering if you guys could possibly help me out a bit?
I got all the info from the SDGFP and 2 Blm maps. I was just wondering details like what should I expect as far as weather and stuff like that. Any tips would be benefical as well!

Thanks alot,
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Antelope Hunting SD


I've hunted nearby counties for a number of years now for antelope (rifle) which usually occurs immediately following the archery season (first week of Oct.) so I've watched a number of archery hunters while scouting. A few things:
- Weather, high plains desert so its can be hot, not uncommon to get up into the 90's during the day particularly near the Badlands so bring layered cloting and a packback with a water bladder you'll be thirsty..
- Grasslands so little to no cover so hunting from blinds or decoys near watering holes or fence crossings (look for hair on the bottom wire as they go under not over) maybe the way to go for archery
- Plenty of prickly cactus in the grasslands elbow and knee pads are a must! Also bring tweezer to remove the cactus quills you will get stuck sneaking around..
- Depending on where you hunt be aware of rattlesnakes I recommend carrying a snake bit kit and a .22 side arm to dispatch with any angry snakes..
- I don't know Harding Cty that well but I've always been told its got lots of goats so get there a day or before and look for herds and locate huntable land
- Go to the Buffalo Gap Grasslands website and order the map this is invaluable for finding huntable public lands
- ATV, if you have one bring it for getting around, following goats and carcass recovery!

Anyway thats about it. In general I think you'll find most SD folks very nice and generally accomodating to hunters just tread lightly and respect any land owners wishes.

Good Luck


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South Dakota Pronghorn 2009

There is a ton of public land and a lot of Antelope up there. North of Buffalo is where we hunt mostly and there is a lot of places to hunt and ponds to set up at.

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Harding County Hunt

I hunted that area for four years and stopped hunting it two years ago. There are alot of antelope there mostly female and thier young,of course you will see some small bucks as well.
I found that if there was a decent buck ,there was always someone els there to blow my hunt.As for ATV.S they are alot of the problem,hunters driving all over on them,mo respect for the land or other hunters.
There are some walk in areas that you will find to be pretty good locations,plan to glass alot if you are looking for a good buck.If you just want to kill an antelope that shouldnt be a problem if you are rifle hunting.
As far as locals go,folks are very nice....however when I asked for hunting permission- they all seemed to have a relative hunting at the time.Or els seemed to be $150.00 dollar a day trespass fee.
There is also an outfitter in that area and for the last several years has leased a ton of ranches and farms in that area for deer as well as antelope.
You must also apply for rifle tag and without prefrence points I would say your chances are bleak at best to draw this year.
Your best bet for a nice antelope would be WY,I have killed several nice Bucks there,with the bow.I often hunted and never seen another person the entire hunt.Had alot of stalks ac ouple each day.
I dont mean to burst your S.D. bubble,but thats my honet opinion on that area. Of course Im an old school hunter and dont like alot of hunter activity while Im afield. Good Luck