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south dakota hunts

white tail and mule deer just west of the missouri river in south central south dakota. some pheasants, i just can't guarantee you will limit 5 days in a row is all. not an outfitter but a working ranch. bring your guns and lots of ammo! possible prairie dogs in spring. semi guided. portable enclosed tree stand. fall and spring turkey hunts. shoot two in the spring season. private ground. you would be the only hunters allowed. reasonable rate. 605 830-0232

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I am curious about this one.

I am curious about this one. Does your outfit have a name? Can I find more information on the web? I'd really like to see some pictures of your facilities before committing to anything.

I have long thought that combination hunts are the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Kind of like when my wife had her knee replacement surgery. She was given the option of having one done, and then the other one done 8-10 months later, or having them both replaced at the same time.

There is a 3-6 month recovery, rehab and therapy period for each knee. You can either do it twice - once for each knee (and that's a lot of pain to go through twice) - or you can do it once - both knees at the same time. There is also the factor of the hospital bill. You can pay for 2 times in there, with all of the assorted charges being made twice, or you can go in once and only pay for the charges one time. There is also the factor of being anesthetized twice rather than once - that's a big risk factor to consider.

So all-in-all, having both knees replaced at the same time is much more bang for your buck than having them done at two different times. I suspect the same is true for combo hunts.

Now - if we can just get more information than a telephone number on this outfit, I just might check them out.

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This thread is 3 years old,

This thread is 3 years old, so I am sure he is no longer here. If you need a combo hunt, I have a combo for Nebraska and Montana. PM if I can help