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South Carolina Wild Turkey Summer Reproduction Poor

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South Carolina Wild Turkey Summer Reproduction Poor

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South Carolina Wild Turkey Summer Reproduction Poor

I was going to say things look mighty normal around here as far as hens and poults. But I am dead in the area that had the best recruitment rates. Thumbs up

They might look into the fact that they have legalized transporting live coyotes and releasing them in fox pens as a sure part of the problem. This new law has accomplished two things very quickly. trapping pressure has dropped off big time on greys and reds since they are no longer valued as high at the fox pens, meanwhile coyotes that are being illegally transportied into the state and then sold as trapped in state are getting out of these same pens.

The coyote population is booming around here and last year I basically had to scrap all of my traps for heavier equipment to adjust for coyotes that in years past were never there. Now they are on every tract in only two short years.. As well trapping interest in egg eating species is at an all time low and egg predation is higher than ever. Long as the fur trade is down, no one cares about whacking out a coon, or possum. To boot armadillos are quickly repopulating the entire lowcountry and just recently we have seen them north of santee. For those of you that dont know the old possum on the half shell loves an egg.

They know what the problem is, its some of the laws and lack of predator control. I can promise you each and every one of those hens had a nest at one time this past spring.The nest was destroyed and they went on with life without attempting to renest. They dont want to say it because its been some of their hairbrained reg changes that has promoted the problem. they would prefer to blame it on the rain, but this year, truths coming out, they just wont admit it. Might be the population is catching up to the habitat. Thats flat out BS we have thousands and thousands of acres suitable for turkey with none present.. A politician couldnt have said it better. Charles Ruth is well respected around here, but I for one cant belive he is trying to stuff that down our throats.

Ot this one either. On the fall seasons or lack thereof:

The ridiculous thing about the lack of a fall season here is they let you take five gobblers a year. By simply allowing you to fill two of your gobbler tags in the fall we could enjoy fall hunting without hurting anything. They say historically hens and goblers are fair game in the fall, Well dont go with history go with what works, gobbler only fall season.