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South Carolina Deer Hunter Survey Results

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South Carolina Deer Hunter Survey Results

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South Carolina Deer Hunter Survey Results

Still guessing they are. I fail to understand why SC doesnt use a tag system . These numbers reflect a guess at what really happened out there and I can tell you from first hand experience the average they are using cannot produce and accurrate number. I know guys who routinely kill 10 + bucks themselves each season and an equal amount of does. Theres no way sampling a small portion of the states successful deer hunters can give an accurate number.

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South Carolina Deer Hunter Survey Results

What a bunch of bull. This state (God keep us) seems more and more backward all of the time. Everywhere else in the country (esp the south) you can kill pretty much as many does as you want. In VA for example, you can buy bonus tags and whack two a day all season long, BUT you can take ONLY three bucks. So, hunters who want a shot at the wompus deer let the 2 1/2yr olds walk. And VA has big deer. SC...not so much. We have a ton of deer down here (latest survery showed 45+ per sq. mile in my part). In order to keep a deer heard healthy, you should have no more than about a 1:5 buck doe ratio. I'd love to know what SCs is with all these rednecks rollin every cowhorn they see.

Personally, I don't shoot it if it ain't going on the wall. I have tried to eat horns before and no matter how you fix 'em, they taste like crap (read:sarcasm). I didn't get to hunt as much as I would have liked last year due to moving and job interviews etc. but i still shot 5 deer in SC. All slick heads. This year, its offically doe wars. I have 1500 acres and 40 doe tags. First battle in 3 weeks!!! I will have the ratio right on my own little place time the rut starts.

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