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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

Yet another example of how the left-wing works -- from Linda Tripp to Ken Starr to Kathleen Harris to Joe the Plumber to Sarah Palin to the manager of the El Coyote Cafe. Go after the kid that said the emperor is naked and destroy him in the media.


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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

That's disgusting! The only thing up for discussion should be Ricci's test scores, nothing else. He scored well - so he should have the the job, end of story. But no... the libs have to attack on a personal level.

Sotomayor screwed up. Why isn't the media digging into her background?

Liberals are a sorry lot. They play very dirty when they don't get their way.

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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

Of course, her defenders and libs in general will say, it is not her suggesting that Ricci be investigated.

This is the strategy that helpd Obama win election - he stayed clean while those around him hurled buckets of mud.

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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

Why exactly is Ricci testifying at the confirmation hearing?

Oh, because he is a RW celebrity. He isn't there to make his case about test scrores or discrimination, he's there to sing for the TV. The guy has sued many many many times for many many many things. He's a professional plaintiff.


The Ricci case was a sham from the beginning anyway. Not the case itself but the right wing framing of it as being a white guy turned down for a job by reverse descrimination and Sotomayor upholding that. Anyone with half a brain knows that the Supreme Court is the only one that can overturn itself, which it did in this case. Judicial activism is what the right is always screaming about, but they didn't here. Why not?

This case as well as the nunchucka case are darlings of the RWing noise machine, but actually both cases are examples of Sotomayor following established law, which as an appeals judge she should have done, and as a Supreme we don't want her upending established law at the drop of a hat. We have a legislature for making new laws.

Now we enter the TV stage of the confirmation hearing, a very tricky tightrope for Republicans to walk. They know she'll be confirmed, and they don't want to lose Hispanic votes, but they also know that making a big noise means money in campaign coffers from true beleivers. Some senators have elections far enough away and come from whacky enouigh states that they can just go ahead and say anything.

As often happens they haven't vetted. When trotting out a media celebrety it's a good idea to look into the actual background. In this case they have a serial litigator.

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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

I'm really not surprised. I told my wife this would happen the day the Supreme Court made the decision.

I agree with you Cowgal. This is a disgusting thing to do.

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Sotomayor Supporters Go After Firefighter

I have two questions I'm sure no one can answer.

This is the strategy that helpd Obama win election - he stayed clean while those around him hurled buckets of mud

1. Have an example? Remember it has to be "those around him" not some blogger or journo.

This is a disgusting thing to do

2. Exactly what disgusting thing is being done? Don't tell me smear job and character assasination, tell me what exactly.

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