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Soros Making Billions Off of Crisis

You are truly, truly, a pathetic individual. Bash

So basically every news source that prints something that doesn't agree with your skewed dogma is to be discounted completely as false. Must be nice to go through life looking through glasses that filter out everything that threatens your view of the world.

And yet you think KOS and Wikipedia are the the definitive sources for objective and reliable data -- "real" news sources.

And by the way, you apparently accepted the legitimacy of the story until the debate started going against you. Now all of a sudden it's not legitimate?

I honestly feel pity for you, because I only have to deal with your warped sense of reality when I read your posts; you have to live with it every day for your entire life.

Nah...not really. Clowns like you deserve to be laughed at. Laugh Laugh Laugh

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