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Son's first out of state hunt

I'd like to take my son (and others, a small group) on their first out of state hunt for deer and possibly hogs, bobcats, or another game animal. I was thinking Tx but after figuring up travel costs, hunt costs, etc. I am back to the drawing board. I would appreciate any suggestions. I'd like my son to have the opportunity to take a nice buck (doesn't have to be a record) and possibly hunt other animals. I would like it to be within "reasonable driving distance, nothing over 18 hours). ANY suggestions would be appreciated.



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Son's first out of state hunt

Nebraska might be an option for you. Good chance on your son getting a decent deer. Right part of state, bobcat are plentiful, yotes if nothing else. Combine deer and fall turkey also.

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Re: Son's first out of state hunt

We have good hunts in Northwest Colorado and Flying in is usually cheaper than driving. If you would like you may contact me or go to my website trophy-outfitters.com

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Son's first out of state hunt

We book hunts for an outfitter in Wyoming that takes hunters under 18 for half price when with a paying adult. You can do an antelope hunt for $1000 for 4 days or $600 for 2. Success rates are high. You do have to go through a drawing to get your tags, but the odds are almost a sure thing. Its too late for 2007, but we could set you up for 2008. Antelope make a great first time western big game hunt. Let me know if you want to talk more about this.

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