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Son-in-law don it again

Saturday was a good day for my son-in-law, his brother, and his dad. They were up around Cimarron NM on an Antelope hunt, and by noon all had tagged out. This is a pic of my son-in-laws. I asked if he was going to mount it, his reply was it is just 15" but my dad needs to mount his it is a little over 17", dont have a pic of it or the brothers. Maybe they will come later. James

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Man, glad to see he could

Man, glad to see he could have enough stamina to shoot an animal like that, after hiking all up and down those hills..... Wink


Congrats to him Smitty!  That's a great goat!!  It should make a nice mount, and a few nice meals in the frying pan....

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Good job and a great

Good job and a great antelope!!  Two more weeks from today and I'll be chasing them in Wyoming.