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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Its great to bring the yungins into the hunting fold. I can hardly wait till my girl and boy are old enough. Thumbs up

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!
redrider wrote:
You did have him drink the blood of his first bow kill, right ?lol

Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile i don't think even If she had any left in her I coul;d have gotten him too Big smile
The close as I could get ( more then likely ) was the first taste of his deer, which was very rare Thumbs up Thumbs up just the way i like to eat it Big smile

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Thats great, congrats to you and your son!!!!!! Thumbs up

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Congrats to both of you. Your son is lucky to have a dad like yourself.

By the way, is that a PSE FireFly?

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Way to go with that nice big doe. You beat me I didn't get my first bow kill until I was 14.

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Congrats to your son!!............... Thumbs up

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

That is so cool. He looks very Happy. More people need to get there kids outdoors at his age.
Big smile

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Nice job,congrats.Photo itself,PRICELESS.

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Son Got his first deer!!!!!!!

Congratulations steven, That'a a Fine Deer right there, one you and your dad will never forget... Excellent harvest... Thumbs up Thumbs up Thumbs up

My gf's Son Phillip got his first Bow Deer this year also.. first Ever with a Bow...

Phillips 2007 Bow Deer <-- http://www.deerhuntersclub.com/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/93/cat/all/limit/all

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