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some suggestions?

hey there, i am going out for my mountain goat in a few weeks time and was looking for some suggestions as to a suitable bullet. This will be my first goat hunt, and as of yet I am just thinking about using the 160 gr nosler partitions i have for moose. any suggestions or other tips you guys could throw out would be awesome. thanks and happy huntin' all

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some suggestions?

There is a lot of `answer' to your question on other posts in this (Mountain Goat) forum ... my 2 cents is that it depends on your hunt. If you have to carry your rifle over rugged terrain or long distances, by foot - a rifle you can carry without wearing yourself out might be your first priority. If you are going to be on a horse for most of the assault, then maybe a heavier gun/bullet.

Mountain goats are bigger than deer - and in my experience have a tougher hide ... but they are not as big as a moose. Yes

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some suggestions?

They're a little tougher to kill than a swamp donkey, but the partitions should work. Good luck.

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