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Some Punk(s) Stole my Treestand


I put up the perfect treestand in on a public WMA in Ohio last weekend.  I went there today to mark yardage, etc. and it was gone.  Somebody had went through the effort to spot it, go home and get a crowbar or something to pop the bicycle chain I had on it off and steal it.  I had even removed the bottom three steps so they must have had a friend lift them up.  They stole all my treesteps and safety belt as well. 

I am really bummed because I have a nice deer on camera here and really was looking forward to hunting that stand.  I am debating on putting up another stand in that tree (with a large chain) and hiding some cameras pointing at the tree. 

  • Is there a better way to prevent theft of lock ons? 
  • Can you prosecute some one if you have them on camera stealing your stand on public land or are you just at the mercy of thieves?


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The sad thing is this is

The sad thing is this is starting to happen a lot on public as will on some private property.  You might want to check with the WMA where your tree stand was located at and see if they have it.  I know that both the USS and BLM are cracking down on tree stands and cameras that are left on public property and will confiscate it even without giving you a warning.  As more and more people want to use the public land this will happen more often. 

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Exactly what Critter says. 

Exactly what Critter says.  We have the same problem out here, with stands and cameras both.  Found out that alot of them are being taken by BLM or Forest service workes.  They said that since it's public land, if it is left unoccupied or unattended, then it is considered abandoned.

It sucks that it happened to you.  Might be another hunter that has seen that buck too, that's why he was in the area. Hopefully you'll get another one set up and knock down a big boy!!!

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That sux

That just sux.  Sorry to hear about the thefty.  I hope that you can come up with a way to prosecute the buggers!

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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I have had both tree stands and cameras stolen. The thing that sucks about this is it was on private property where I either had permission to hunt or it was family owned land.

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Seem to be hearing more and

Seem to be hearing more and more about stuff like this happening.  I always frin it hard that one hunter would steal from another hunter but anything is possible.  I did not think I would come across another hunter in Wyoming that thought he owned the whole state.  I am not sure if there is anything that can be done even if you get them on camera.  But I guess you could always paste his picture up all over the net and maybe someone will reconigze him and then he will feel like the dumb a.. that he is.  I too sometimes wonder if iots not some tree huggers also??

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Sorry to hear about you stand

Sorry to hear about you stand getting ripped off. This kinda stuff really makes me mad. I used to think it was alot of dishonest hunters out there stealing peoples stuff, but now talking to my neighbor who is a wildlife cop, he says there are a lot of anti-hunters in my area that go out starting in the spring all the way through hunting seasons stealing cams, blinds, and tree stands and anything else a hunter leaves out in the field, he has arrested over a dozen people so far this year and 10 of them were anti's. The other 2 were some punk kids who were out plinking. I havent had any hunting gear stolen but I have had my cars broken into 17 times and cars stolen 3 time in my life, its pretty stupid, I work hard for my stuff and some punk just comes along and steals it. I hope the cops catch these people for you.

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  Sorry to hear that you lost


Sorry to hear that you lost a valuable hunting tool that you worked hard to be able to have.  I would suggest you not put up a camera as that too would most likely be gone.  If you are going to leave a tree stand up on public land I would suggest getting a very very large chain that is "uncuttable" and an extra heavy duty lock that is also "uncuttable".  They can be eventually cut but most likely with a torch.  I doubt that effort would be accomplished out in the woods... but you never know.  Here is a link to a manufacturer -  http://hbaselocks.com/



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hi, I live in michigan, and

hi, I live in michigan, and hunt public state land, where it is okay to leave your stuff out as long as your name is on it. that being said i have had someone come out with a cordless grinder to cut off the lock on my stand, i have lost hundreds in treestands out here but what do you do quit hunting? i dont think so. So i know how you feel. Matter of fact i went out on opening morning to find my stand gone, i was livid.

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