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some lure scent strategies for areas with low deer numbers?

the area i live in has reasonable low deer numbers,probably 5-8 deer per square mile,area's a few hours away have lots of deer and lots of hunter's,i'm kinda tired of long drives and little time to hunt,so i'm hoping to figure out how to maximize the area i live in.

it is mainly mountain area,full of moose and black bears,with some deer. during deer season there are a couple of areas with 10 square miles with basically no deer hunters. no fields,mainly lots of cover on the mountain tops,with hardwood ridges going up and down the mountain sides.

i'm wondering if anyone has some extensive scent strategies that i can use to draw some deer a good distance away?since the deer are pretty spread out.

baiting is legal,and pretty heavily used in other areas where there is lots of deer,but not very effective it seems,where i'm at.

i'm thinking if i had a way to disperse alot of scent,maybe i could draw a few small pockets of deer to one area,and have a chance at a good buck,and can hunt every day around home.thinking maybe a small food plot if i could draw some deer over with some scent ,to hold them there. the natural travel movements in this area just isn't going to get many deer to any food source.

a friend had an idea,to hang 20 bags of stewed apples in burlap bags,all over the area,to draw some deer in,i suppose it would be wourth a try in an area that already has a few deer.

any tips on how to disperse some scent over a large area would be greatly appreciated.

then if i can get some deer hanging around,i can then try some tactics,like mock scrapes,doe in heat scent,etc.

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