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Some good Wyoming information

I posted this in the Antelope section, but I think it is worth adding in this section too. Here are some really fantastic websites for Wyoming hunting and a good digital map. The first link shows the hunting units. If you go to the drop down box in the upper left side and you can pick units by species and zoom in to see all the available government ground in that area you want to hunt. The legend bar on the left shows what agency owns that parcel of land. If the map doesn't come up at first, just hit the home button. Here is the link:

The following map can be moved and used for any state and the picture quality is so much better than Google maps or any other ones I have used. It is used for earthquake data but you can unclick the earth quake boxes for geology and data basis. The ESRI street box can be used to show terrain and roads, but if you click on the ESRI imagery and unclick all the others you have an excellent satellite view in very good quality pictures!!

This last link is a printed flyer for the big game migration corridors in Wyoming.