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some courtesy please

I was on my family's land this past weekend maintaining the trail and putting in a new turn around with a friend of mine. This guy on a four wheeler comes storming down the trail and stops right next to us. He starts to demand from me what I was doing (on my own property! Laugh ), so I played dumb and said I was cutting brush to make a place to park and turn around my truck. I tried to be nice and start a conversation with him, to which he cuts me off and asks me if I own a camp nearby. (As if owning a nearby camp gives me access rights to private property). So I just said no. He kinda gave me that 'you shouldn't be here look'. So before he opened his mouth again I informed him he had justed parked his four wheeler on my family's property. Should have seen the look on his face. He kinda just smiled and said have a good one, and took off. I couldn't stop laughing. I don't mind the fact that the guy was concerned about who was up there, but he sure could have been kinder. He was younger, probably in his early twenties, so he sure should have known better. What the heck is this world coming to?
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some courtesy please

Not much respect in the world nowadays. eye roll

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some courtesy please

Funny you should mention that. I keep an eye on one of the local ranchers property when I'm up there. I call first to see who's supposed to be there and what gates are supposed to be open. Went up a few years ago and Annan wasn't home so left him a message I'd be up there and left. By the way, I only hit the edges of his property on public land, I don't hunt his. Anyway, I was sitting around waiting to go home that evening and head lights came up out of his place so I waited to see who it was. It was a pickup with out of state plates. When he got to me, I told him that he'd just been on private property and pointed out the public stuff to him on my BLM map. He said thank's, talked a bit and left. I got his licence number. Got home and called Annan again and told him what happened and he said he already knew. Seem's the guy was his brother-in-law! I was pleasant with him tho so it worked out well. In fact Annan let's me go up on his property anytime I want. I still don't hunt it tho.

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some courtesy please

Not an hour ago I seen someone picking apples from under the only good tree I really got. The Old Guy must gave been 85 years old.. I helped him and carried them to his car.
Being nice to the Old Trout didn't seem to affect my macho image at all.
So that made up for one of the idiots that someone will run into today. Thumbs up

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