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The Psychology of the Poacher

I argue that poaching is not just a criminal mind at work, but is also a crime of insanity.  Maybe padded walls in the asylum for a year would do the trick.

My full argument, from an Idaho perspective, is here: http://www.idahoman.com/2011/11/psychology-of-poacher.html

I also think education is a big part of it.  But that education has to start at an early age, where young boys and girls are taught sportsmanship (that it's shameful to kill outside the rules) and conservation (if you kill the whole covey this year, there won't be one next year).

But really, if you train kids self discipline, respect for law, and how to enjoy game hunting rightly, half the battle is won.  Most of the guys that I've known who have been tempted to poach were guys with a lack of discipline in a lot of other areas of life.

I don't think a state educational program will do a lot of good.  But some good parenting might.

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